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Saint Louis Sandwich Scene Rules!

2438 McNair Ave St. Louis, MO 63104

The great sandwich debate rages on here at NHB. In one camp we have Blues City Deli, a Benton Park neighborhood favorite, famous for its delicious sandwiches and bluesy atmosphere. Blues City deli prepares incredibly tasty sandwiches to be chomped down with a bag of Red Hot Riplets and a cold St.Louis beer ( or a Coke if that's more your speed). Paintings of blues musicians, playbills, and blues memorabilia adorn the walls in a way that's tough to miss after your first step into BCD. Between our employees we have painstakingly sampled nearly the entire menu. Bite after delicious bite we have determined that there is LITERALLY no way to go wrong here. BCD gets mega-bonus points for the roasted red pepper sauce drizzled on many of their sandwiches. Mind the line. Get here early.

5224 Columbia Ave, St. Louis, MO 63139

The other camp says Southwest Market Cuisine reigns supreme. A recent review on Southwest's facebook page exclaims that Southwest is the "Best food ever. In the history of food" which may not be too far from the truth. Our head knife-maker, Mr.NHB himself, adds these sandwiches are long lasting, far too large to eat in a single sitting. He says...and I quote "I have had Southwest sandwiches last longer than some of my relationships" which means two things: serious sandwiches and Nate has some reflecting to do. This is THE SPOT for traditional Italian sammiches. If you are looking for the perfect pairing of sandwich, chips, and a soft drink this is the deli for you. Pair the Southwest Special. a homemade salami sandwich with Fetty Wap Rap Snacks and a pineapple Vess soda for the ultimate STL combo. You want apple juice you say? How about Gala, Honeycrisp or Fiji selections? Awesome.

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