Stainless Steel (including stainless steel Damascus)

The care and maintenance of a stainless steel knife is simple! Rinse, sanitize and then dry it off after each use. That’s it, straight and to the point!



High Carbon (including high carbon Damascus)

High carbon knives naturally develop a patina (a natural discoloration, not rust) that many chefs prefer. High carbon retains its edge better than stainless steel, but it can rust if not properly maintained. Not only is the rusting unsightly, it can dull your edge prematurely.

To maintain your high carbon knife, after each use, rinse, sanitize and then completely dry it. Moisture is the enemy of high carbon! Depending on how often you use your knife, you should periodically oil it with mineral or camellia oil. DO NOT use a food-based oil, i.e. olive oil or corn oil. The oil can dry and gum up or become rancid. DO NOT use a petroleum based oil, i.e. 3 in 1 oil. Residue of the oil can be toxic if ingested. If you want your knife blade to develop the beautiful natural patina, just maintain your knife as described above. If you do not want the patina to develop, you should polish it once a week with a metal polish such as MAAS, and oil it after each use.

  1. NEVER wash your knife in a dishwasher, and NEVER put the knife away wet.

  2. NEVER expose the knife handle to extreme heat.  Leaving the handle on the top of a hot oven, range or under heat lamps may melt or otherwise damage the handle.

  3. Although each knife blade is extremely strong and durable, using the blade on any hard surface, i.e. stone or granite countertops, glass, metal, ceramic, concrete or similar hard surface may dull or even permanently damage the knife blade.  Further, reasonable care must be taken of the handle.  NEVER throw a knife.

  4. All of our knives are designed for food preparation use only, unless otherwise stated.  Use of the knife for other purposes may void the warranty.  For example, if you use your knife to open a can of tuna, you’re on your own!

Whether stainless steel or high carbon, if you properly care for your NHB knife, you should enjoy years of loyal service from it! 

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