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Make it. Pack it. Eat it.

We all grow up, but there are some things we should never grow out of.  Packing a sack lunch is one of them. Take your midday meal with you in one of these durable and reusable lunch totes. 

Each tote is made of a durable cotton canvas, and waxed with WAAM's beeswax blend for all of you busy bees out there.


  • 10 oz. cotton canvas
  • Water-resistant beeswax blend finish
  • 12"h x 7"w x 4"d
  • Made in the USA

Lunch Tote

$24.00 Regular Price
$12.00Sale Price
  • At WAAM Industries they believe everyday is a mission. Every mission starts with a cup (or two) of coffee, a hearty breakfast and a solid lunch plan. Once the meal problem is solved it’s task-time. There are days they make, days they plan, and of course days of rest (that usually involve casual ideation). More often than not, their days are a combination of all three; planning the next idea, while making the last. When the day is done they put it to bed with a solid dinner and the occasional libation to cap it off.  Mission accomplished.
    Made in the USA in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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