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Chef Aprons are meant to Protect and look good!  The Color Block Apron does both with a functional wax cotton bottom half and stylish selvage upper.


This chef apron will cover you with style and grace on the restaurant line or in your home kitchen. Convenient side pocket and additional chest pocket leave plenty of space to stash your secret recipes. As always USA made from the best fabrics. 


Care: Wash in the dish sink and hang dry! Or machine wash, it's totally safe.

Will it shrink? Slightly. If you wash it in hot water or dry them on high. Wash in cold water and dry low for best results.

Are they waterproof? These aprons are not coated so they will absorb water. The denim is durable and soft and can take repeated beatings and washings and age with grace.

Colorblock Apron

$85.00 Regular Price
$42.50Sale Price
  • Born in a chef's brain in early 2012 and launched in November 2012, Tilit Chef Goods was built with chefs, cooks and hospitality peeps worldwide.  Since then Tilit is the authentic workwear company.  

    Alex McCrery (Chef turned designer) and Jenny Goodman (FOH turned COO) founded Tilit with two chef apron designs, one pair of pants and a chef-shirt. The line started small, but the plans were big, the reception strong and the users at the foreground of every decision they made. 

    MADE IN THE USA, Tilit started the line with the idea that each garment would be made in the center of NYC's garment district by talented people who produced amazing work, not just mass market uniforms.  They still make every garment including their chef coats in the same shop, with the same attention to detail. 


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