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Dimensions:  Approximately 15″ wide by 16″ tall


Each Rope Company Basket is hand-woven in Maine, is mold and mildew resistant and carries a lifetime warranty.  Great for laundry or blanket storage, each Basket includes a Maine wood-bottom insert. 


  • Wooden bottoms are not needed for bins that are mostly stationary.  Note: Wooden bottoms may mold or mildew when allowed to get wet, and are not covered in the lifetime warranty.

Rope Basket

$78.00 Regular Price
$39.00Sale Price
  • Logan’s great-great-grandfather was a steamboat captain and a seaman all his life. Four generations followed in his footsteps, creating an epic saga of savvy lobstermen spanning 5 generations.  The emerging industrial revolution in the 1900s inspired Logan’s grandfather to start a lace-manufacturing mill when he was just 18 years old, and by the time he was 26, that number grew to 5 mills. One of those mills stood where the rope manufacturing for Rope Co. products takes place today. He then went onto build “Crowe Rope” which became the largest rope manufacturer in the country from the mid-1980s until he sold it in 1994.

    By the mid-1990s, Logan’s family was a staple in a coastal Maine hamlet with an expanding industry–lobster. Business was plentiful and the high demand for lobstermen materials–buoys, boats, and rope–increased. An experienced 4th generation lobsterman, Logan’s father erected “High-Liner Rope” in 1998 using the knowledge learned by his father-in-law, who had sold his rope company a few years earlier. Today, High-Liner Rope is used by the majority of lobstermen from Canada to Florida. Think about that next time you bite into a lobster roll or dip a hot lobster claw into a cup of steamy melted butter!

    After receiving his college degree, Logan found himself returning to the career he knew best—lobstering. Though Logan loved being on the water and chasing lobsters, he always knew that his family wanted to try their hand at something different. Logan wanted to start a business like the generations before him.

    In true Rackcliff entrepreneurial spirit, Logan and Hannah endured and began making rope mats in the winter of 2013. Since then, the company catalog has expanded to feature products designed by Hannah and inspired by the Downeast and coastal Maine culture Logan and Hannah’s families have been enveloped in for years.


    Each product is carefully hand made in Maine, by true hard working Mainers, and tells a tale of coastal life, innovation, and history.

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