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Kramer’s Best Wood Food Oyl is the very best choice in maintaining your wooden food service items—butcher blocks, cutting boards, pizza paddles, etc.  Only the purest, safest most effective ingredients—no vegetable oils that turn rancid, or mineral oil that gets “gummy” are used in Kramer's Best.  You will see the difference!


Wood Food Oil

$15.00 Regular Price
$7.50Sale Price
  • John Kramer is the founder of Kramer's Best Wood Food Oyl, our favorite wood-care product at NHB.  Preserving the past is a purpose John believes in and utilizes in the making of his products.  Since Kramer's Best Wood Food Oyl can only be made from hand-gathered and processed natural materials, using a formula from the past, mass marketing is not in the cards.  Lucky for us, he is committed to making only the best products possible—not the most products possible.

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