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Where else can you get four (4), 14" x 14", 100% cotton table napkins, Made in the USA for $15.00?   Country Cottons, a family owned business in Locust, North Carolina! That's where! We love Country Cotton's Old Timey Table Napkins because they make us feel special when we're having a dinner of Chinese take-out, and as an extra bonus, we're saving trees!   Durable, beautiful and proudly Made in the USA!

Cotton Table Napkins

$15.00 Regular Price
$7.50Sale Price
  • Even in this age of all types of man-made materials, nothing can match 100% cotton for strength, durability, feel and beauty. At Country Cottons, LLC®, they still believe in the integrity that was so common in products manufactured generations ago. They have sought to bring back this indispensable kitchen tool just as it existed back then. They are proud of their products because they believe they are the best.  We do too!

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