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Specifications: 10HA05

4" Blade

Hand Hardened

Steel Type: 1095 Carbon Steel



Tough Micarta handle for a double thick knife. This one is perfect for harvesting tomatoes or cutting fishing line. 10HA05 - The unique process to produce this carbon steel knife has high-quality as the top priority.  Co-founder and Head Knifemaker, Nate Bonner, first drafts and designs the shape, which is then profiled, and then hand-ground and hand-hardened (heat-treated). The knife handle is then hand-crafted using beautiful natural dense hardwoods, including maple burls, curly maple, box elder, oak, or buckeye, which is either hand-finished with oil or created using a proprietary aging and stabilization process.  The knife handle is then hand-assembled, shaped and polished and the "edge" put on the blade by Bonner and his team, ensuring NHB KnifeWorks’ precision standards. 


NHB KnifeWorks Carbon Steel Harvest Knife