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Specifications: 10BO08

5.5" Blade


Steel Type: 1095 Carbon Steel


The unique process to produce this carbon steel knife has high-quality as the top priority.  Co-founder and Head Knifemaker, Nate Bonner, first drafts and designs the shape, which is then profiled, and sent for hardening to the famous "Peters' Heat Treating" facility in Pennsylvania. The knife handle is then hand-crafted using beautiful natural dense hardwoods, including maple burls, curly maple, box elder, oak, or buckeye, which is either hand-finished with oil or processed through a proprietary aging and stabilization process.  The knife is then hand-assembled, shaped and polished by Bonner and his team, ensuring NHB KnifeWorks’ precision standards. 

NHB KnifeWorks Carbon Steel Boning Knife

SKU: 10BO08
$249.99 Regular Price