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Specifications: 13" Tall  ~ 3" Average Diameter ~ 150 Hour Burn Time

Non-Toxic Beeswax


This Birch Pillar Candle is cast from a trunk section with three painter's fungi, a voided branch node, and a compound curve.  Stick Candles carefully sited the wick in order to provide the best possible overall performance; however, because of the natural shape of this cutting, with its fantastical twists and turns, and beautiful outgrowths, the thickness of the side wall will vary quite a bit.  It is not like other Pillar Candles, and it will not burn down perfectly even.


Have No Fear! All Beeswax. No Blend. Pure Excitement!

150 hours of truly magical light!

Birch Pillar Candle by Stick Candles

$110.00 Regular Price
$55.00Sale Price
  • Originally created as a gift for Mom, Stick Candles “Heart’s Home” and first open studio, was in a previously abandoned, circa 1950’s building in the small town of Old Forge, in the Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York.  We first met Stick Candle’s founder, Doug Collum, while visiting our own Adirondack family camp.  We were smitten with Doug’s candle artistry, and when we opened our own open studio/factory and retail store in St. Louis, we knew that Stick Candles would be prominently featured.


    Stick Candles’ vision is summed up in Doug’s own musings…   

    "The Candles that we are now able to cast, from shapes that we gather, strike me as beautiful and fascinating.  In short, when someone tells me about their experience with a candle that I made; They gave them as a gift... They lit them for a special occasion... They’re saving them for a special occasion...  It doesn’t point to me.  It points to the shape of that cutting.  Beauty in nature.  What could be better than that?”

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